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For over 3 decades, the Division of Laser Physics and Innovative Technologies of the NSU Research Department (until 2011, Laboratory of Laser Systems) has been actively and successfully working in research and development of novel science-intensive photonic systems and technologies, ó lasers, optical amplifiers, opto-electronic devices, ó for applications in physics, chemistry, biology, medicine and industry. The Division includes two specialised laboratories: Laboratory of Non-linear Photonics and Laboratory of Photonic Materials and Systems. The Division is a participant of the International Photonics Centre.

Division of Laser Physics, NSU

Scientific interests of the Division are traditionally related to the study of physical processes within and outside laser systems under the influence of laser radiation. They span laser physics (study of generation regimes in various systems), non-linear optics (non-linear transformation of radiation, super-continuum generation), photonics of fibre systems (research into fibre amplifiers and ultrashort-pulsed fibre lasers), nano-technologies, telecommunications, and other areas including inter-disciplinary research (nano-photonics, laser medicine, quantum metrology, &c). The Division is based in the Laboratory building of NSU (room 011/basement and room 671/service floor).

Division of Laser Physics, NSU

Research activities of the Division are supported both by grant funding (Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation and the European 7th Framework Programme) and by research and development contracts. The key staff members of the Division belong to a major Russian scientific school of thought led by RAS Academician A.M.Shalagin. The results of scientific activities at the Division are routinely presented at the largest international laser optics conferences, including CLEO-Europe, Photonics West, ICONO/LAT, ECOC, Laser Optics, and others.

In 2007, the Division became the launching pad of the Scientific and Educational Innovation Complex for Laser Spectroscopy, Photonics, and Opto-Electronics created with the aim of advance training of highly qualified specialists in these fields, as well as for implementation of special innovation programmes for training of specialists working on commercialisation of high-technology products. The Division has several very well equipped large optical benches and a considerable fleet of modern specialised control and measurement equipment, including multiple unique systems built in-house. All this equipment is in active use by senior students of the Physics Faculty of NSU in the course of their practical work. The core chairs of the Division are the NSUís Chair of Quantum Optics and Chair of Quantum Electronics.

The Division is in close collaboration with Tekhnoscan, an NSU spin-out company. Laser equipment developed and manufactured by this company has been installed and is being successfully used in many research organisations worldwide, including such major metrological or atomic research centres as NIST (USA), PTB, GSI, DESI (Germany), BNM (France), NMIJ/AIST (Japan), BARC (India), KAERI (South Korea).